For recipes using wild ingredients, please see the archive of Foraged Vegan Recipes


Savory Pumpkin Muffins



Simple Banana Granola

Green Tea Coconut Granola

Savory Pumpkin Muffins

Vegan Lion’s Mane Crab Cakes with Hollandaise Sauce



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Vegan Fish Sauce

Salads and Sides and Sauces


Crown Daisies in Tahini Sauce

Miso Potato Salad

Spicy Korean Radish Salad

Mayo-Free Radish Mint Pasta Salad

Rhubarb Mint Salad

Fava Bean and Pomegranate Salad

Creamy Garlic Sauce (Cashew Cream)

Vegan Fish Sauce

Vegan Miso Napa Cabbage Slaw

Vegan TVP Larb

Cornbread with Roasted Tomato and Sunflower Seeds

Delicata Rounds with Lemon and Miso Dipping Sauce

Quick and Easy Cheesy Vegan Croutons

Vegan French Onion Dip

Radish Thai Noodle Salad (Yum Woon Sen)

Ooey-Gooey Baked Vegan Jalapeño Poppers

Vegan Seaside Beet Salad


Christmas Lima Bean Soup



“SOUPer” Orange — Turmeric, Mandarin Orange and Carrot Soup

Christmas Lima Bean Soup

Kabocha Squash Soup with Spiced Sunflower Seed Cream

Lentil, Chestnut Mushrooms and Amaranth Winter Soup

Watercress Chestnut Soup


Tomatillo Vegetable Curry



Savory Lemon Poppy-Seed Pasta

Tomatillo Vegetable Curry

Creamy Squash Ravioli with Oyster Mushrooms

Squash Mac and Cheeze with Pan Fried Okra

Baked Black Bean Tofu

White Kale Pizza

Summer Squash, Kale, and Pasta Casserole

Fennel and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Wild Oyster Mushroom Dumplings

Lentil, Chestnut Mushrooms and Amaranth Winter Soup

Lazy Vegan Cabbage Rolls with Mung Beans

Crown Daisy Pasta in Spicy Almond Sauce

Vegan Meatballs (Beetballs)

Savory Chocolate Pasta with Hazelnut Chili Cream Sauce

Spicy Chinese-Style Stir-fried Sweet Potatoes


Filo Maple Apple Tart



5-Ingredient Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Cookies

Sweetened Vegan Cashew Mascarpone

Birthday Cake

Filo Maple Apple Tart

Pineapple, Pumpkin and Pecan Upside-Down Cake

Vegan Instant Hot Chocolate Mix, 5 Ways