About PicI became a vegetarian at the age of five, when I first realized that the chickens running about on a farm were the same as what was in a nugget. I spent the next 18 years as a vegetarian, but I always knew that one day I would take it a step further. When I graduated college, with no job on the horizon, I realized that would be as good a time as any to make the switch to vegan. I had time on my hands to spend re-educating myself about cooking and eating, and learning the various vegan alternatives that would become the staples of my life going forward. What I didn’t expect was that taking those few months to explore would ignite a love of cooking stronger than I ever imagined. Since then I have gotten a day job, but every evening I come home excited to create and enjoy another plant-based experiment.

I love the idea of foraging my food, and am slowly adding to my expertise in that area. When I’m not thinking about food, I enjoy painting and other forms of arts and crafting (I particularly like reupholstering old, tattered furniture).

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