Savory Chocolate Pasta with Hazelnut Chili Cream Sauce

When I think of Valentines day, I think of sugary pink hearts, stuffed teddy bears, roses and of  course tons of chocolate. Dark, sweet, melting, sugar filled chocolates. Maybe with a creamy hazelnut center. I’ve always preferred savory foods to sweet, so I decided to flip a classic truffle on it’s head and try something new for Valentine’s day- chocolate pasta with hazelnut chili sauce. This dish brings in bright dashes of lime, bitter, dark and earthy notes of cocoa, aromatic cilantro, and spicy bits of chili. It’s all carried together with a light, creamy hazelnut sauce.

Vegan Meatballs (Beetballs)

I grew up eating spaghetti with tomato sauce, but (since I didn’t eat meat) the concept of meatballs was foreign to me. It was never something I knew, so it was never something I missed. Recently, however, for some reason I don’t quite understand I got it in my head to make a vegan meatball recipe. I decided to use beets in this recipe, primarily because of their beautiful color, but also I love their soft, sweet flavor. I didn’t try to make this taste like meat (again, I’m not really sure what meatballs taste like), but I wanted them to have the following qualities-
Beautiful Color

Summer Squash, Kale, and Pasta Casserole

Click Here for a Printable Recipe The casserole is a meal defined by the dish it is cooked in, rather than the ingredients used- that being said there are a few elements that most casseroles seem to have in common. The casserole is an American classic, gaining popularity in the 1950’s when a love for…

Mayo-Free Radish Mint Pasta Salad

For a Printable Version Click Here Today is the first day of summer, and with it come beach days, picnics and BBQs- all in need of that perfect side salad. Growing up as a vegetarian, the salad intended as a side was often my main meal and so I developed a real appreciation for the…

Vegan Morel Cream Sauce

Click Here for a Printable Version For a long time I have been wanting to start foraging and eating wild mushrooms, but I haven’t had the time, energy or skills to know where to start. I joined a local mushrooming club (the Boston Mycological Club), participated in a class and bought a book, but made little progress…

Creamy Squash Ravioli with Oyster Mushrooms

Click Here for a Printable Version Cooking is an outlet for my creativity. It is a time when I get to imagine up flavor combinations and consider new techniques, play with novel ingredients, experiment with different textures and try out new tools. To create something I’ve never heard of or to personalize a classic dish….

Savory Lemon Poppy-Seed Pasta

 Click Here for a Printable Recipe This is my first blog post, so I want to use some of this space giving you an idea of how I imagine up my recipes and some of the ways I get inspiration from/for food. I am constantly looking for new, quick and unique dinner ideas and spend…